ABOUT Heart Life Academy of Allied Health

Head of School's Welcome,

I want to personally thank you for choosing Heart Life Academy of Allied Health. A partnership between Heart Life CPR, LLC and Health Flex Careers. We were built on the premise of providing our students with a truly high quality education. one that prepares our students for a life long career in the world of Allied Health. Whether you are interested in a career in Clinical Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy Technician, EKG Technician or EKG Technician, we have a program for you. 

We are proud to offer our classes both online and and in-classroom. (Although due to COVID-19, in full in classroom courses have been suspended.) We recognize that everyone's schedules and learning styles are unique and we strive to cater to our students needs. Our team of dedicated faculty and staff are committed to insuring your success and our success rate of 98% speaks for itself. 

We stand by our students offering post graduation guidance to help you join the workforce in a life long career with a quality employer. 

I invite you to speak to our admissions staff today. Your career begins with a quality education. Let us help you achieve your goals today! 


Bradford D. Ricardo-Hyde
​Head of School

Our Philosophy

Humanics, the age-old Greek ideal of the balanced individual. We believe, as did the ancient Greeks, that a person’s emotional, intellectual, and physical lives are interconnected. The Humanics philosophy calls for the education of the whole person—in spirit, mind, and body—for leadership in service to others. And, we represent this ideology with a Heart and Leaf. 

Our History

Heart Life Academy is a division of Heart Life CPR, LLC. The founder wanted to expand offerings from just CPR to allied health classes as well. In March of 2018 Heart Life CPR teamed up with Tania Ortiz of Health Flex Careers to form what is today, Heart Life Academy of Allied Health. Today Health Flex Careers offers their Allied Health offerings exclusively through Heart Life Academy.